Fun summer activities for less than £20

Fun summer activities for less than £20

When you’re watching the pennies, life can get a bit dreary. Constantly having to scan menus to find the best value options and deciding days out based purely on cost can really take the edge off things.

It is possible, though, to have fun on a budget! We’ve put together some ideas for pocket-friendly days out and experiences, which come with all the excitement and none of the guilt.

1. Get out under your own steam

Walking is one of the best free activities to do and there are plenty of places outdoors to explore

We’re going to start with an obvious one – just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning! Pack up a rucksack or your bike panier with a picnic and set off on foot or on two wheels for an hour or two. Not only will you feel better for the exercise, but you can take the whole family with you and apart from the picnic it’s a free activity. You can always save your £20 for drinks at the pub en route!

2. Get karted away

How to find reduced prices for go karting centres

If you’re free to go midweek, you can take advantage of half price deals with Team Sport, who have go karting centres all over the country. You’ll get at least two 15 minute sessions for £15 per person, and it’s suitable for ages eight and above. Get a group of friends together, and you can have a fantastic evening with a few pounds left over for drinks and snacks.

3. Arcade entertainment

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near a seaside resort, take a trip down memory lane with the amusement arcade. Change your £20 into small coins, share it out among the family and have a great on the slot machines, pinball and grabbers. Who knows, there’s even a (tiny) chance you might win some of your money back!

4. Gym’ll fix it

Look out for special discount offers and trial memberships at gyms

At this time of year, lots of gyms are doing special offers to try and attract new members. Some offer a certain number of introductory sessions free, others offer serious discounts on the first couple of months. Just remember to cancel the membership when the trial period is over….

5. Make your own fun

Board games are fun for all the family

If you can’t afford a big, glamorous night out, then how about a glamorous night in? Invite a load of friends over and ask everyone to put £10 in the kitty to cover food and drink. Then, choose a theme – murder mystery, board games, cocktail party, 1920s…the world is your oyster.

6. Where the wild things are

It’s summertime, after all – so why not take up wild swimming? This activity is normally free. Take a look at the Wild Swimming website for ideas of where to go – it’s best not to swim in rivers due to the possibility of strong currents, so stick to lochs or lakes. The only things you’ll need are a swimming costume and a sense of adventure.

7. Sleepout

Have a fun and free night camping in a tent in your back garden

If you have children, this is a fantastic activity. Stick a tent up in the back garden, and all sleep out together. Pick a clear night, and you’ll be able to stargaze as well as keep an eye on nocturnal wildlife such as hedgehogs. You’ll need a torch, and a star chart is handy too. The best bit is that as you’re in your own garden, you can nip indoors for a cup of tea!

8. Pick a ticket

Ticketed events such as agricultural shows and fairs can cost a fortune. Buying tickets well in advance is the best way to save, but there’s also a chance you could get in for free. If you know of any local charities who’ll be exhibiting, ask if they need any more volunteers. In exchange for spending a few hours manning (or womanning) the stand, you’ll get a free ticket and usually have the chance to wander round between shifts.

Whatever you end up doing, have fun!

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